Popular Diamond Earrings

There are many different items of jewellery people can wear. One item that always seems to be at the top of a person’s wish list is diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest substance found on the earth and are the best substance around. Diamonds are considered special by nearly everyone that has been exposed to them and consumers across the world crave for them.

Diamonds can be worn just about anywhere. Popular choices include diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings. This is because the significance of when these two rings are given supposedly marks the best occasion a person can have in their life. There are other places people can wear diamonds too. Diamond necklaces are exceptionally beautiful as they are worn around the neck, one of the nicer areas of the body. Diamond bracelets are also a popular choice and some people go so far as to wear multiple diamond bracelets on their wrist. People also like to wear earrings too. This is because earrings can be worn at all times and are on display at all times, giving the person wearing them the opportunity to express their love for diamonds to the world.

The admiration for diamond earrings has become greater in recent years. Popular and recognisable figures in the sporting world have recently been in the limelight for purchasing diamond earrings. David Beckham, who earned his 100th cap as an English footballer earlier in the year, bought a pair of diamond earrings for his son, Brooklyn to mark Brooklyn’s birthday. Another footballer, this time the Portuguese phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo also bought his girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, a pair of specially made diamond earrings

Many other celebrities have also been seen wearing diamond earrings too. Jennifer Lopez was given an outrageously expensive pair of diamond earrings to mark the birth of her twins. Each earring has one of the twins’ initials engraved on it making the diamond earrings even more special than they already are. Courtney Love was another star who bought a pair of diamond earrings but had them stolen from her hotel room while she was out. Luckily, they were returned to her the next day by police and she was able to wear them once again.

Diamond earrings have long been a popular choice of diamond jewellery for consumers up and down the country. They have however, become more popular in recent years as more and more celebrities and consumers in general desire their beauty, elegance and sophistication.

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