Insurance Appointment Setting – Telemarketing Insurance Agent Leads

Insurance Appointment Setting- The first thing to look for when choosing a call center to set appointments for insurance agent leads is experience. You will want to find a call center that has extensive experience in outbound lead generation. Outbound and inbound telemarketing are two different animals, with outbound obviously being the most difficult. Insurance appointment setting is an outbound process and also a type of lead generation. It takes a special call center with the infrastructure necessary to accommodate hundreds of thousands of calls each month. This infrastructure includes the call center equipped with predictive dialers, a database management team and a hefty human resources department to keep a flow of qualified telemarketers coming in and train them.

Telemarketing Insurance Appointment Setting- The process of telemarketing lead generation and insurance appointment setting is nothing new as the telephone was invented over one hundred and thirty years ago and has been used as a superior direct marketing tool ever since. Good ol’ fashion cold calling is still the best way to drum up business. A telemarketer spends about eight to ten minutes on the phone with a potential prospect to make sure that they are not only interested in your product, but they qualify too. This means they construct certain qualifying questions to filter out any undesired prospects. For instance, an insurance agent selling auto insurance might not want to set an appointment with a prospect that has had several claims on their policy and for life insurance appointment setting you may want to filter out all smokers. Once the interest and criteria is verified the telemarketer can then set an appointment for you to call back or meet with the prospect in their home.

Insurance Agent Leads- When comparing telemarketing to other forms of lead generation, there’s just no contest. Most insurance agent leads are generated online through banner ads and affiliate websites and this is part of the problem. Unlike insurance appointment setting, they are not pre-screened and are resold to several agents. Another form of insurance agent lead generation is mailers these only result in a deal.01% of the time as most people just throw the mail away, hence the name junk mail. Next is phone book advertisement, yes believe it or not some people still look in the phone book to find businesses. This actually generates a pretty good lead but for the same price as a phone book ad you can afford a telemarketing campaign, which will optimize the quality of the lead. With these other modes of lead generation you don’t get to pick who fills out an online submission, nor do you get to pick who will be responding to your phone book advertisement but with telemarketing you select the parameters of your criteria to resemble the ideal prospect and through telemarketing all the other leads are filtered out so you only pay for qualified leads. Another benefit to telemarketing is insurance appointment setting. Find a company that will set appointments for your insurance agents and guarantee each appointment. This means you only pay per appointment not per lead.

Here’s what to look for when ordering insurance appointment setting services…

  • 100% contact guarantee
  • Exclusivity guarantee
  • 100% voice recording of all lead being generated
  • Guaranteed criteria filters
  • Guaranteed responsiveness
  • Lead Management software to deliver and track campaign
  • Past Insurance Appointment Setting experience

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