How To Look Hot And Stylish With A Short Prom Dress

Regarding the history of the prom night, there is no official account on record. But resounding beliefs and tales are there relation to the traditional prom nights. Years ago, these events were not as grand as they are today. These were not an occasion of fashionable clothes and hairstyles, head-turner limos, and super cool dates. These were simply celebrated with dancing and eating. The event was not as cool as the preparations done these days. Well this is far different from what prom night events are now these days.

A meticulous planning about the right dress to wear is a big deal towards a series of prom night events this year 2006. It will be better to give it an early thought as you get notified of the schedule of the prom nights. Give yourself enough time wondering through boutiques and websites for the best and the latest prom dress fashion fad. It will be a practical way to do it.

What’s in with the latest prom dress craze?

This year 2006 is the year to be bold and dramatic to prom dresses. Any style of length counts like the hemline could be asymmetrical, straight, tea length, floor length, short, or audaciously short. This season also paves way for the short prom dresses, stunning ballerina skirt, the sexy slit gowns, the lengthy skirts coupled with trains, the traditional A-line, and other funky hemline styles.

What’s in with the shoes?

High-heeled sandals with strap designs will always make a sexy pair of feet. Lengthy evening gowns work fantastically with it. It will make the wearer create a formal and elegant impression. The footwear to be in the 2006 vogue is the ballet shoes. They are actually among the hottest entries for this season. For this year, a great deal of ballet shoes matches the fabulous short prom dress you have.

Why the short prom dress?

Short prom dresses exhibits the innocent and sweet image of young women unlike those long ball gowns that project a formal and mature personality. Short dresses are not too formal and not too casual. You can always opt for short prom dress if you simply want to be comfortable.

The universal little black outfit, the sequined hemlines in asymmetrical style, the pink baby doll image, the ballerina attire, and the sexy salsa dress filled with lace and ruffles are the common short prom dress styles. This dress moderates everything and makes the wearer appear not too young and not too matured.

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