Are There Engagement Rings For Guys?

Are Guys Supposed To Wear Engagement Rings? | Goldsmith Jewelers

Are there engagement rings for guys? Yes indeed, traditionally engagement rings are given to women but due to changes in society such as women wanting to propose to their partners plus “same-sex” marriage has been allowed. So giving engagement rings to guys is not new to society anymore. There are different men’s engagement rings to choose from too. If you are looking for one then the following information might help.

Do Guys Get An Engagement Ring?

There is nothing wrong if a person plans to give an engagement ring to her boyfriend. It is freedom of choice that matters most is the intent and the real purpose behind that engagement ring. Since the very purpose of an engagement ring is to show your partner that you are ready to tie the knot, whether men or women decide to give an engagement ring the purpose will just be the same. 

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Some men are open to wearing the engagement ring their partner gives them. However, there are also men who prefer to wear it the other way, instead of wearing it on their fingers they wear it with their necklace. Some men are not fond of wearing rings, but to show that they appreciate the gift they make sure that they wear it with them but in other ways. 

The Custom Of Wearing Engagement Rings

An engagement ring has a long history and started way back in 1477 in an elite society when Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed to Mary Burgundy. However, the engagement ring didn’t become popular until the 1900s 

The History Of Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s engagement rings have been attempted a long time ago but due to many factors, they didn’t become popular. They have tried advertising to market their pre-wedding ring for men but failed to make it popular. In 2009 the Tior ring was created by British jeweler H. Samuel. The popularization of men’s engagement rings continued when Jennifer Hudson, a star of “Dreamgirls” decided to give her boyfriend an engagement ring as an answer to the engagement ring given to her by Neil Lane. After that other popular people started sporting their engagement rings. 

Men’s Engagement Ring Styles

Men’s engagement rings are less expensive than women’s, maybe because they are simpler and not too fancy designs. Here are some of the most common styles for men’s engagement rings:

Simple Engagement Rings

Simple engagement rings are plain rings that are made of sleek gold or silver bands. Black titanium can also be a good choice if you want your ring to be more contemporary. 

Modern Engagement Rings 

Black tungsten rings are a good choice for modern engagement rings. Black titanium with carbon fiber inlays can also be a good choice then choose your partner’s favorite color to put in the inlays.

Classic Engagement Rings 

If your boyfriend is fond of classic-style rings then getting one that is lined up with gems can be a good choice. Diamonds can be a good choice for the stone but other gemstones can also be a good alternative such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Fashion Rings

Fashion rings can come in different styles. One of the trending fashion rings is made of black agate rings. It’s perfect for men who don’t like fancy-looking rings on their fingers. 

Two-tone Rings

For two-tone engagement rings for men black and gold combination or white and black can be good enough. Unlike women, men are not fond of sparkly or colored rings. 

Natured-Inspired Ring

Rings with wood inlays can be a good choice for nature-inspired rings for men. They are simple but elegant to look at plus it is environmentally friendly somehow. 

So you will not be asking the question Are There Engagement Rings For Guys? Anymore. If you are planning to get one for your boyfriend feel free to visit the nearest jewelry shop near you and check on the rings they offer. Choose a ring that is closest to the preference of your partner to make it more personalized or even better have it customized. Engagement rings are not for women only but also for men, so don’t hesitate to buy one for your boyfriend and make them happy. 

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